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☬ Losing You ☬

Losing You
Chapter One: After The Rain
Author: Strify and Yu
Pairing: Yu/Strify  [Main pairing]
Disclaimer: Are you serious? Such names belong to the real entities.
Notes: See the bottom of this chapter. …How ironic. Losing You/Yu. Ha! And, yes, if you read carefully you catch lyrics from one of their songs. But I won’t tell where or which. [Lyrics: Kissing and Touching - Cinema Bizarre]
Lookin’ for a shot of you.
In someone else’s smile.
I’m holdin’ on to every word.

Comparin’ all the time.
The more I break the more they talk
I’m left paralyzed

I’m struggling through the lonely nights
Questions fill my mind

I’m touching and kissing
With tears in my eyes
No one can help me forget.

“I’m sorry. How can we go on?”
“Why don’t you end my torment?”

Chapter One

The room had fallen silent. Hearts sunk deep into the pits of stomachs. The room had once been full of life but now dead silent. The news was still fresh like fallen rain. Still played itself in their minds like a track stuck on repeat. There was only the sound of the shuffling of feet here and there, a door opening a closing. But no one looked up or even bothered to look in the direction of noise. They didn’t have to…

Amongst them, the one most affected by the news that had been given less then an hour ago was Strify who had put distance between himself and the rest of the members of the band or, more appropriately, remaining ones. He had seated himself in a arm chair near the window, arm resting upon the sill as he stared out of it, listening to the rain hit the patio and street below and everything else in it’s wake. For a moment, his gaze locked onto the small puddle forming on the cement floor.

“It’s about passion…”

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Tags: angst, band, break up, lost, love, run, strify, yu

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