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♥ Deceitful Royalty Part 2 ♥

Title: Deceitful Royalty
Author: Strify
Pairing: N/A
Disclaimer: I own Jade De Valence, characters mentioned and this storyline. Using them without my permission with get you shot.
Notes: Whoo. An original character. Neat-o! [Lyrics: Damhnait Doyle - Say What You Will]

Chapter Two

Say what you will, before it's too late
Say what you will
Say what you will, before it's too late
Say what you will
All the time that I was holding back
Just trying to protect myself
I want you to know
I loved you more then that

I was once told that this was wrong…
I was once told that there was no place for this…
Love knows no gender.

Chapter Two: Butterflies, pt. 1

The butterflies will sing their song.
A song filled with sorrow.
The red and blue and gold trimmed wings.
And poison on their fingers.

It was nearing midnight, or at least that was what the grandfather clock said when Jade glanced over to it. He hadn't slept since the previous night and even when he did manage to fall asleep, he was rudely awaken by someone or something that didn't exactly want him to sleep. It was mostly due to the heat and because he had to leave his windows open, despite their height, he couldn't be too careful. There were always freaks and psychos that wandered the streets and night would attempt to climb up the length of the mansion and through the window.


The breeze was light, but still felt cool against his bare skin. He had locked the doors to his room in case someone, other then Christopher, decided to pay him a visit during the night. There was no need for them to be anywhere near his chambers at such an hour, anyway.

He slipped out of bed, tugging a silk robe around his form and moved to the open window. Thankfully the night air during this time was always cooler then when the sun rose and this was the time Jade could really relax. But earlier events were bugging him. Had Sebastian really confessed his love to him? Or was there some other reason for this entire thing?

"…The weather is hot and I've been working rather hard today. Will you not come out to see the roses when they bloom?""But she is not you, dear Jade."

He was right. Elizabeth Evers was not him and she never would be. She would never bare the secrets Jade carried upon his back, that everyday he saw Sebastian from the carriage window, it crushed him a little more to know that such a handsome man was so much in love him and Jade could never return that love and even if he did, it would go no where.

He sighed, leaning forward to watch the butterflies flutter around at such a time during the night amongst the flowers that lined the driveways. They were beautiful; red and blue and gold trimmed wings.

Jade could remember when his mother was alive. They both loved the butterflies so much that at night, they'd go and sit in the garden to watch them and sometimes would stay there until dawn. Those were the days Jade wanted back. All the lost memories of his mother. All the things he could never get back and there wasn't a soul who really remembered her. All the pictures of her were empty. The face in the paintings were expressionless; so unlike his mother. She was a kind woman. Gentle and loving. She wore so many expressions on her fact that at times, Jade could never read her; these paintings did her no justice. They weren't really her even if they were.

Jade tipped his head, gazing up at the moon as he tugged the robe against himself a little more.

"I wish you were here, mother. Why did you leave me?"

He already knew the reason; there wasn't one. "God" had chosen her to die, even knowing that she had a life here on earth and had it not been for the fact that the illness took her life, Jade would have been able to carry on a normal, male life and perhaps be, as one would put it, normal. But he wasn't and knew that he never would be and it was only in front of Christopher that he could ever be a true male.

Pushing back from the wall, Jade slipped the robe off and laid it over the back of the chair before climbing back into the bed. He had finally grown tired and knowing that no one had yet decided to come and climb through the window at all, he was at ease and this time, when the attempt of sleep was there, he finally managed to actually rest.

Christopher had risen at half past seven and had thus prepared the staff for their daily duties aside from making the tea because he believed that only he could make tea that was fitting enough for Jade but also because he knew that by the time the tea was served, Jade would still be in bed and still as naked as ever.

However, Christopher's thoughts were not on the boiling pot of water in front of him but on Jade. He'd been with the boy for quite some time now and yet his heart yearned for Jade's eternal happiness. Not once had he truly seen the other happy since Amelia died. He had never see the young master smile or laugh. Those emotions, along with memories, had faded with his mother.

"Jade, careful! You'll cut your knees and rip your new dress."
"I promise, mama. I'll be careful!"

A small "girl", dressed in a pink and white dress with sandy colored locks pinned up in pig tails, was standing on top of a pile of rocks, a beautiful woman standing just beyond the path between herself and the girl.

The woman was beautiful. Her hair was silky and a light brown that draped over her shoulders and stopped just at the small of her back. Her face was youthful and her eyes were the most beautiful green he had ever seen. This was Christopher's first year working for the De Valence family and there had not been a moment when he saw the little "girl" stop smiling or laughing. Had not seen the happiness falter from "her" visage.

Jade hurried off through the flowers, singing a tune of butterflies as Christopher stood just beyond them.

"The butterflies will sing their song.
A song filled with sorrow.
The red and blue and gold trimmed wings.
And poison on their fingers.

The butterflies will lift my heart.
Bring me a lovely prayer.They'll take my soul and turn it gold.
My mother and I forever.

The butterflies with sing their song.A song of torment and ego.Their wings are black and cracked with holes;
My mother burned with them."

He stopped, jumped through the flowers and butterflies and yelled "boo!" to his mother. She jumped and giggled and scooped up her child in her arms and held him close to her chest. She pressed her cherry colored lips to the tip of his nose and placed a kiss to the area.

"Who loves you most, dear Jade?"
"You do momma, you do."
"Who needs you most of all?"
"My momma."

Jade's smile grew and then faded as he opened his mouth, a silent scream.

The image before was horrifying and even though he wanted to look away, he could. Christopher stood there like a deer caught in the headlights and stared at what was.

Jade frantically moved away from his mother. He was screaming, but it was silent. In fact, Christopher noticed everything was silent and time stood still.

Her face was twisted with pain and her skin was peeling from her muscles. She was on the ground, crawling towards Jade. He was yelling something, mouthing something…"Mommy!" Amelia was still inching towards her son and reached out for him. "Ja--


Christopher blinked, hard, shaking his head to pry himself from the distorted memory. He tried to repress it again and again and it haunted him. He couldn't do a thing to save either one of them. Jade, from seeing the agony of his mother and illness eat away at her and Amelia from suffering and leaving the only child she ever knew and loved. He looked down, frowning at the scattered pieces of the cup and bent down to pick them up.


Frowning, he dropped the pieces into the garbage and plucked another from it's hook to pour more tea and stopped. Sitting upon the rim of the sugar cube cup was a butterfly. It didn't seem to mind Christopher's presence at all as it uncurled the tube for a mouth to taste the sugar in the cup. Christopher and leaned closer and his eyes widened in fear.

"The butterflies will sing their song.A song filled with sorrow.
The red and blue and gold trimmed wings.

And poison on their fingers…"
The red and blue and gold trimmed wings…

Legend once stated that a man graced with the presence of a butterfly who had red and blue and gold trimmed wings would die of poisoning; it was inevitable. Some believed it so much that when they saw these butterflies in their dreams, they would go the next day to confess their sins at a confessional. Some even shut themselves in their homes and tried to ward off the evil.

There were never any deaths reported after these "sightings" and the myth had dissolve several centuries ago until just a few years back several elderly woman and even a rather feminine male were found dead and police reports stated that there was a crumpled butterfly near their bodies and each were described as having red and blue and gold trimmed wings. The case had been closed and the victims were said to have "died of mysterious cause."

Just like the butterfly found near Amelia's body…

Christopher frowned. That detail of the story was never told to Jade and before he could ever see the butterfly, they had disposed of it. Jade would never know the truth. Would never know that his mother was the victim of a sorrowful butterfly that sang a tune of death.

The butterflies will sing their songA song filled with sorrow.The red and blue and gold trimmed wings.
They'll bring your death tomorrow.

Christopher waved his hand, shooing the butterfly away and then headed up to Jade's room. His heart was pounding and it felt as if it would breaking through his chest. He could hear it in his ears. He swallowed hard, trying to push the thought away. It was nothing more then a legend and the butterflies found was merely a coincidence…

He gently rapped on the door before pushing it open, stepping into the room.

"My Lord. I've brought you your t--"

He stared at the figure sitting on the window sill. Jade was dressed in a long, dark blue kimono. It was tied around his middle by a light blue bow. His face was lightly painted with make-up, blues to match his dress and light pink lipstick covered pale lips. Parts of his hair were tucked back and held in place by bobby pins and for a moment, Christopher could've swore he had wings. Beautiful wings. Large and inviting.

"--Topher? Christopher!"

"Y-Yes, my lord?"
"Is something wrong?"
"No, my lord. I'm sorry. I've brought your tea."
"Thank you, dear Christopher. Please let it over there."
"Of course."

He turned just enough to set the saucer and cup onto a small, circular silver platter that was held up by two, intertwined chimeras.

"Christopher, tell me something."

"What is it?"
"I want the truth. Why couldn't I see my mother after she died?"
"M-My lord…"

--End. Chapter Two--


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