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♥ Deceitful Royalty ♥

Title: Deceitful Royalty
Author: Strify
Pairing: N/A
Disclaimer: I own Jade De Valence, characters mentioned and this storyline. Using them without my permission with get you shot.
Notes: Whoo. An original character. Neat-o! [Lyrics: All American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret]

Prologue and Chapter One

I'll keep you my dirty little secret
(Dirty little secret)
Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret
(Just another regret, hope that you can keep it)
My dirty little secret
Who has to know?
When we live such fragile lives.
It's the best way we survive.
I got around a time or two.
Just to waste my time with you.

I'm lying when I'm lying and even when I'm not…
I'm lying when I'm lying and even when I tell the truth…


Jade De Valence. A male born within a kingdom ruled entirely by women by a decree of customs and tradition. Many wouldn't see the problem with this if they knew nothing of the Emerald Kingdom or their situation.


The decree states that within the City of Emerald the kingdom must be ran by women. To them, they view women as they highest entity and more powerful then men could ever be. Perhaps not physically, but mentally and intellectually. The decree also states that any heiress born to the current ruler--as per custom the kingdom has always been ruled by the De Valence family--was to become the next queen. However, if an heir is born, he is nothing more then a prince and could not take over the kingdom. On the account that there be only one heiress and she either dies or can not complete her duty, the crown is then handed down to the next generation of De Valence. Either a sister of the previous queen or a relative.

Amelia De Valence was the current ruler during the time Jade was born. However, Amelia was a selfish woman and believed that because she was the direct descendant, the crown should stay within the front line of the royal family. Unfortunately, she produced an heir. A beautiful boy with perfect skin, silky sand colored hair and distinctive green eyes; like emeralds. Even with him being a male, she loved him and would never give him up for the world. But with Jade's feministic appeal, Amelia devised a plan and because the butler, a doctor and nurse--who were both killed after Jade's birth--and her husband were the only ones there when she gave birth, she told the City of Emerald that she had given birth to a beautiful little girl and named her Jade. Amelia even went so far is put make up on him and dress him in outfits for girls.

Amelia was ill at the time and the delivery of a healthy baby was a blessing. Because there was a risk of death or even an ill-born child, Amelia decided not to try for a baby girl and even if she was well, she loved Jade more then life itself. She taught him everything she knew and even read to him and provided him with a private tutor.

Growing up wasn't easy for Jade. The only person he could confide in was Christopher, their butler.

In any other situation, knowing Jade's secret would've gotten Christopher killed but because Amelia was aware of their closeness, she decided to allow for Christopher to continue living and made him sign a contract that if he were to ever tell the secret, he would be killed.

When a rumor erupted that Jade was in fact, male, Christopher did his best to discourage this rumor and thus suggested to Amelia that Jade wear clothing that covered his chest and had a collar.

At seventeen, Jade took over the throne when Amelia passed from her chronic disease. Disheartened by his mothers death, happy-go-lucky Jade De Valence became bitter and cold and even though he and Christopher had been close, they slowly became distant.

Crushed, Christopher never faltered in his duties as butler and stood by Jade's side; no matter what he did.

------End Prologue------

Chapter One: Angel, Angel

Angel, angel.
The white roses bloomed yesterday. Will you come out to see them?
The birds reached dawn today. Will you be there to dance with them?
The leaves will all change tomorrow. Will you go and bless them?

It was hot and the collared dress wasn't helping the matter at all. He was stuck and didn't even see a good reason why he had to wear such a ridiculous outfit. No one had visited the castle all day and even with the idiots guards and the rest of those who worked under him, he still didn't think it was reasonable for such attire. No one had even given him a good argument on this issue.

"If no one comes…"

He rolled emerald colored hues and pushed himself up off the throne. Sitting there all day was a pain, anyway and even though they all believed that Jade was flat chested there were still the many perverts that took it upon themselves to try and look down his dresses. Jade was probably the only person who didn't understand why men did this or had such an…obsession with breasts or why it mattered how big or small they were. Perhaps it was because Amelia had risen him with more morals then that or perhaps it was because he was given the chance to live as a woman and understand where they lied in such a sexist world.

Jade was on the level of women. He understood them more then any other man ever would and maybe that was because of his situation. He wasn't interested in breasts or any of the things that men usually talked or thought about.

He stepped down the narrow hall and up the spiraling staircase. The light fixtures that hung from the ceiling lightly illuminated his room, the candle's flame dancing against the wall in all but simple pattern. It gave the room a soft glow and a gentle one at that which made Jade complacent and rather…halcyon.

"Now where the hell..?"

He stepped, rather delicately--as if walking on glass--over to the door and snagged the first person that was to pass.

"Fetch Christopher for me, please."
"At once, my Lady."

He snorted at the title once the maid was gone.

"My Lord…my Lord…"

Rolling his eyes, Jade shut the door to his chambers, standing before a full length mirror. He stood in profile, pressing his hand against his stomach and the intricate lacing of the dress. His hand trailed down his side, grabbing at the bottom part of the dress and lifting it just enough to view the stocking covered legs. He pursed red covered lips, staring at the black lined eyes and the blue eye shadow.

"If only for a day…I wish to be who I really."
"Even if that's what you wished, what would come of it were Amelia to find out?"

Jade tipped his head and glanced over to stare at Christopher who was standing just before the door. His arm was up, a white towel draped over it. His hair was just as black as the ebony suit he wore and his eyes…the eyes of the devil; red. He had this look to him…one that would have made Jade's skin crawl had he no been so used to the other. Despite that, Christopher was beautiful in his own way.

"Help me get out of this, please."
"As you wish, my Lord."

Jade nodded towards the title. Christopher was the only one allowed to get away with calling him that because he was the only one who knew what Jade really was. He was also the only one to ever see Jade naked or even lay so much as a hand on him and even though Jade no longer felt close to Christopher, he never would have chosen any other person to replace him. He watched in the mirror was white gloved clad hands reached up to unlace the back of the dress and sighed in relief when it loosened. He slid his arms out of the sleeves and then stepped out of the dress.

"Please, sit."

Complying, Jade settled himself down into a chair and lifted his foot. The stockings were slipped off, along with the rest of his attire worn underneath the dress and Jade was left stark naked in the chair.

"Which dress should I retrieve?"
"The long one."
"Of course."

Christopher turned from the naked male, not needing an elaboration on the dress, and walked to the dresser-closet. He opened the dual oak doors and eased a long, dark pink and light pink dress from a hook along with a matching, light pink clothe and several belts. He set the items over the back of a chair and crouched in front of the dresser-closet, pulling out a lower drawer; picking out a pair of knee-high stockings.

"Yes, my Lord?"
"There are no angels in this room…are there?"
"Of course there are. You are blessed; no matter how you see it."
"I doubt I'd call it blessed."

What was the word for it? What could he really call it? There was no blessing in this and even if there was, he couldn't see it. There was nothing there but apparently Christopher could see the beauty in this…curse. That was what it was. A curse and nothing more. There was no blessing in any of this or the lack of angels in the rooms around him.

Angel, angel.
The white roses bloomed yesterday. Will you come out to see them?
The birds reached dawn today. Will you be there to dance with them?
The leaves will all change tomorrow. Will you go and bless them?

Call the children out to play. They've all been good today.
Where were you when I lost my way?
There are no angels in this room. No angels there to guide me.

Angel, Angel.
The white roses bloomed yesterday. Will you come out to see them?
The birds reached dawn today. Will you be there to dance with them?
The leaves will all change tomorrow. Will you go and bless them?

Jade was now perfectly fit in a weather appropriate dress. It was light and made of the finest material. It was like a robe that was held closed by a cloth and a few belts around his middle. The sleeves were lengthy as well as the bottom of the dress; almost like a train on a wedding dress.

Christopher had left him standing in the middle of the room. Alone and without an angel. The room, despite the many candles and even the heat, was cold. He wondered how many times he'd brought up the poem of the angels his mother had once told him and even when he knew she was lying, he believed her even still. He knew that there would never be an angel for him because of what he was and because of the secrets he was keeping. The secret of his gender was not the only secret he was keeping.

Frowning, Jade left the room and descended the stairs. He stepped on linoleum floor and almost danced across it, keeping an arm looped around his middle. He wondered, just a little, where Christopher had disappeared to. Since giving him the cold shoulder, Jade hadn't spent any time with Christopher. Even now, he was wondering why he was even thinking about him. He was nothing more then his butler and had once been his closest friend. But something in him made him stop. Maybe it was the death of Amelia. His mother left him with everything and his father…he was nothing but a joke. He no longer existed in Jade's life. When he left was all so blurry to him. Perhaps it was because the duty had made Jade lose all his senses and he finally had to grow up.

But, what did that have anything to o with pushing Christopher away? What did it have to do with Christopher at all? He had done thing and it wasn't his fault that Amelia had died. It wasn't his fault that Jade was given such a big responsibly such as ruling the throne and masquerading as a woman.

Even with Amelia gone, even if Jade could have voluntarily stepped down and handed the title off, he didn't want to go against his mother's wishes. Even if she was gone that only person Jade told himself…believed that the only one he could ever love was…is his mother and that there was no one else in the world that would love him like she had. But there was Christopher. He loved Jade like a brother and would have done almost anything for him. It might have been because Jade was too scared to become close to anyone…

When Jade stepped out onto the balcony into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the castle, he squinted, holding his hand up over his eyes to stare out over the City of Emerald. He rested slender hands on the railing, leaning up against it. He watched the patrons of the city go about their usual work and watched the children play in the fields.

"My Lady! Are you well today?"

Jade tipped his head, leaning over the railing just enough to see a man, about his age, standing below. His hair was brunette and side swept. He was wearing a black suit and carried a leather brief case. Round glasses was perched upon the bridge of his nose and even with them, he looked handsome. He was Sebastian Gabriel Vincent, the city's most popular, handsome and successful lawyer and he was in love with Jade. Not with the male side of Jade. But the fake Jade. The Jade the city all saw.

"I'm well, thank you! How are you, Mr. Vincent?"
"I am also well. The weather is hot and I've been working rather hard today. Will you not come out to see the roses when they bloom?"
"I shall not deny them my graceful presence. For I will only grace them with death."
"Do not think so low of yourself, my Lady. Your presence shall bless them with life!"
"I do not think for a moment that I would ever do such a thing, kind sir."
"Oh, sweet Jade. When will you ever come out to play?"
"When the leaves change. Good bye, Mr. Lawyer."
"Don't be so cold…"

Jade frowned, brushing his fingers over the railing as he brushed back locks of sandy hair. Even if his hair was short, he still looked like a girl.

"I'm only cold because I have to be, Sebastian. Perhaps you should escort Ms. Evers to the blooming of roses. For she is very fond of you."
"But she is not you, dear Jade."
"You do not want me. For there are many who deserve your more then I. Your love is unrequited."
"And who could that be?"
"Good bye, Sebastian."

Jade stepped back from the balcony and through the double stained glass doors. He knew that he could never return the love Sebastian had for him and even if he did, he'd have to hide and if Sebastian requested children? What then would he do? What would then happen when the lights when out at night and the clothes came off…

"Jade! Jade, please…"

But Jade ignored him. Even if Sebastian accepted him for being male, there was nothing that would ever bring Jade to love him. He has handsome, yes, but that was all. Besides, Ms. Evers would have been everything Sebastian needed. She was a woman, a real woman and beautiful and had it not been for Jade, she would have been the most beautiful in all of Emerald. She came from a respectable family. She could provide Sebastian with a family; children and a nice house with a white picked fence out in the country.

"I'm so sorry, Sebastian…I truly am…"

Angel, Angel.
Where were you when I lost my wings?

---End. Chapter One---

Author's Notes:
If you're wondering about the poem, "Angel, Angel", I wrote it. If you read closely, it reveals the reason behind their conversation. If you didn't catch it, Jade's mother once told him that in every room he ever stood in, there would be an angel. I hope you enjoyed this chapter!


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