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Hello, everyone. If you're reading, that means you've stumbled across our page in the making! I'd type a whole bunch of rules and what not. But, who wants to follow rules? I might put a few towards the bottom.

It says "our" because there isn't one person making this but two. Me [Strify] and Yu. Now, let me tell you that we're not the real Strify and Yu. Think of it as "rp" [roleplay] of sorts.

Now, before you run off all disappointed and everything let me tell you a little bit about our page while Yu is off designing it ! This page has been created for us, by us, to post our writings as well as collaborative writings. You're probably now wondering what kind of writings we're going to do. However, this isn't going to be just a fiction page. One of us may write a journal entry here and there about the going ons in our life and all that blah blah!

Simple; fictions.

We're going to be posting our yaoi fictions here. If you don't know what yaoi is/means, it's boy's love. Which means boy/boy relationships. In short, gay relationships. We have a lot of writing we really want to share and hope that you all enjoy it as well. There's some stuff that is explicit content and has sexual themes that's why we dubbed our account with adult content. However, I might change that and only put the adult content restriction on it! There will be some fun/cute fictions.

We. Love. Comments.


Comments are great in helping with writing and improving. However, let me put this right up front. I will NOT tolerate bashing of any sort or stupid, mean, crude comments. If you don't like it, don't comment. I'll simply delete you be on my way. Yu will probably do the same as well. That's probably the only rule we have. If you love it, great! Friend us, comment us! That's all it takes! If you have a question, just ask! It doesn't hurt. But, I will add a few things here and there for you. Probably like a "FAQ" or something down at the bottom so you can see your options before you ask.

If you want to see the list of our writings, released and soon to be, please go to the page summary and click "The List"!

Anyway, we haven't posted anything yet! But bare with us! Our fictions will range from all kinds of anime, video games, and bands/artists. I hope that you stick around to see what we have in store and read our fictions. You might also catch one of us on the LJ Messenger! So feel free to check that out! We are: strify_x_yu

Stay bizarre.

--Strify and Yu

FAQ  [Key: OC (original character)]
>Do you take commissions?
Yes, we do. However, please take note that we're a very busy people and will get to your commission as soon as we can. Also note that we will only write about fandoms we know and will not take on a project for a fandom we do not know. We don't have time to get to know it, the characters or anything else simply because it's time consuming. There are too many to list, so just ask us which ones we know. However, even if we do know the fandom, we can refuse to write about it. Some of them include: Inyuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Twilight...we hate Twilight...
>Do you only do yaoi?
Yes. Sorry, this is the only thing we will write about.
>Can you write a story using my OC?
This we're not sure of. It depends on the pairing and your character.
>Who's Trevor?
Trevor is Dante and Leon's child. Yes, Dante gave birth to him.
>Can I print/use ideas from your fiction?
Sorry, no. Even if we do not know that you're printing them, we hope that you do not. If we find out you're using things from my fictions, we will report you.
>How long will it take for you to do my commission?
This is entirely up to how busy we am and we don't know. Sorry!
>Do you do collaborations?
Generally, yes. But it all depends on how well we know you.
>Can I choose the lyrics used?
No, we generally choose lyrics as long as it goes along with the story.
>Can I use any of your OCs?
Generally...no. Ask us nicely and we may let you. It depends on what you do to them.
>How do I make a commission?
You can either PM or Email us your request. We will try to respond within 48 hours. If it's a fandom we know well, or a detailed description of your OC and who you wish to pair them with, we will reply. If you do not get a reply within two weeks, this is perhaps either because we're busy or do not wish to take on your project. We do generally reply to everyone. Our email is: strify_x_yu@groznyj-grad.com
Genre - Romance, horror, ext.
Description - If you wish to use your OC and/or a link to a picture if used.
Restrictions - As far as kinks go.

☬ Losing You ☬

Losing You
Chapter One: After The Rain
Author: Strify and Yu
Pairing: Yu/Strify  [Main pairing]
Disclaimer: Are you serious? Such names belong to the real entities.
Notes: See the bottom of this chapter. …How ironic. Losing You/Yu. Ha! And, yes, if you read carefully you catch lyrics from one of their songs. But I won’t tell where or which. [Lyrics: Kissing and Touching - Cinema Bizarre]
Lookin’ for a shot of you.
In someone else’s smile.
I’m holdin’ on to every word.

Comparin’ all the time.
The more I break the more they talk
I’m left paralyzed

I’m struggling through the lonely nights
Questions fill my mind

I’m touching and kissing
With tears in my eyes
No one can help me forget.

“I’m sorry. How can we go on?”
“Why don’t you end my torment?”

Chapter One

The room had fallen silent. Hearts sunk deep into the pits of stomachs. The room had once been full of life but now dead silent. The news was still fresh like fallen rain. Still played itself in their minds like a track stuck on repeat. There was only the sound of the shuffling of feet here and there, a door opening a closing. But no one looked up or even bothered to look in the direction of noise. They didn’t have to…

Amongst them, the one most affected by the news that had been given less then an hour ago was Strify who had put distance between himself and the rest of the members of the band or, more appropriately, remaining ones. He had seated himself in a arm chair near the window, arm resting upon the sill as he stared out of it, listening to the rain hit the patio and street below and everything else in it’s wake. For a moment, his gaze locked onto the small puddle forming on the cement floor.

“It’s about passion…”

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♠ The List ♠

The following is a list of fictions. Their title, status, rating, genre, pairing, fandom and description. Applies to all: yaoi.

Our writings:

All The Wrong Places - Released - Rated: PG - Genre: Angst - Pairing: Nero/Vergil - Fandom: Devil May Cry - Description: Nero thinks he's finally found love. But has he really?
Isn't Someone Missing Me?
- Released - Rated: PG - Genre: Angst - Pairing: N/A - Fandom: Devil May Cry - Description: After struggling to deal with the complications between himself and Dante, Nero runs away from home in order to find solace in loneliness.
Spring Warmth
- Released - Rated: PG - Genre: Romance - Pairing: Dante/Nero - Fandom: Devil May Cry - Description: Nero takes a long needed break from devil hunting and sleeps in a field. He's greeted by an unexpected visitor.
All I Ever Wanted
- Coming Soon - Rated: R - Genre: Romance - Pairing: Wesker/Birkin - Fandom: Resident Evil - Description: Fifteen year old William Birkin is in love. He'll do anything to know that Wesker loves him, back. After a fourth month relationship, Birkin gives Wesker the ultimate gift; his innocence. But will Birkin get his answer?
Defile Me
- Coming Soon - Rated: R - Genre: Angst - Pairing: Wesker/Birkin - Fandom: Resident Evil - Description: This fiction follows directly after All I Ever Wanted. William Birkin gave Albert Wesker his innocence. But was that the right choice? Will Birkin cope with and accept it?
Kill Me Dead
- Coming Soon - Rated: R - Genre: Angst - Pairing: Dante/Leon, Nero/Vergil, Dante/Nero/Vergil - Fandom: Resident Evil/Devil May Cry - Description: Another normal day at Kennedy - Sparda residence...but something may change all of that.
Find Me Solace
- Coming Soon - Rated: PG - 16 - Genre: Angst - Pairing: Dante/Leon - Fandom: Resident Evil/Devil May Cry - Description: Dante's been fooling around with Nero and while Leon was in the hospital. Unfortunately for him, Leon's found out about this little..."fun time". -This fiction follows directly after Kill Me Dead-
Deceitful Royalty
- Released - Rated: R - Genre: Comedy/Romance - Pairing: N/A - Fandom: Original Story - Description: Jade DeValence, the heir of a kingdom ruled strictly...by woman. In an attempt to fool the city of Emerald, Jade masquerades as the newest "heiress" to the throne and must guard their families secret or their empire would would fall; Jade is male.
Fate Of The Valkyrie
- Coming Soon - Rated: R - Genre: N/A - Pairing: Lezard/OC - Fandom: Valkyrie Profile/Original Story - Description: Seiji; the only male Valkyrie ever to appear in existence but he's not truly "human". Bought from a company by Lezard, Seiji lives to serve him...
That Party Last Night
- Coming Soon - Rated: R - Genre: Comedy - Pairing: Dante/Nero/Leon - Fandom: Devil May Cry/Resident Evil - Description: In an attempt to liven his mood, Dante plots a party with Nero...but things get a little crazy...
Black Sheep
- Coming Soon - Rated: R - Genre: Angst/Action - Pairing: Ivan/Uriel and Ivan/?? - Fandom: Original - Description: Ex-8th Clergy Angel Ivan Reznikov is out for revenge. Not just to gain his wings back, but to rip the wings right off Uriel's back...
Save Me
- Coming Soon - Rated: R - Genre: Angst - Pairing: Ryuuken/Uryu and Ichigo/Uryu - Fandom: Bleach - Description: Uryu struggles through the trifling events of his past and the the consequences of every action.
- Released - Rated: R - Genre: Angst - Pairing: N/A - Fandom: Original - Description: Klaus, a German Army major, faces the troubles brought up by Hitler and WWII. He becomes a colonel's bitch as well as a major's. But what happens when the war ends?
Damn Those Short Shorts - Released - Rated: R - Genre: N/A - Pairing: Heat/Serph - Fandom: Digital Devil Saga - Description: Heat's tempted by the short shorts. But, can he control himself and keep from "raping" Serph?
Losing You - Coming Soon - Rated: N/A Yet - Genre: Angst - Pairing: Yu/Strify - Fandom: Cinema Bizarre - Description: Yu leaves the band to pursue his own dreams without considering the feelings of his band members. Strify wants him back. But at what cost?
Kevin’s Rookie Lesson - Released - Rated: R - Genre: N/A - Pairing: Kevin/Leon  - Fandom: Resident Evil - Description: Leon gets a lesson from Kevin; one he wasn’t expecting.
Dante’s Playtime - Released - Rated: R - Genre: General - Pairing: None [Solo Dante!] - Fandom: Devil May Cry - Description: Dante enjoys a little ‘private time’ while thinking about his twin.
Demon Twins and Strip Clubs - Released - Rated: R - Genre: General - Pairing: Vergil/Dante  - Fandom: Devil May Cry - Description: Dante plays a trick, of sorts, on his brother. The results aren’t as planned, but still turn out pleasant enough; to Dante.
Heat/Gale Drabble - Released - Rated: R - Genre: N/A - Pairing: Heat/Gale  - Fandom: Digital Devil Saga - Description: Heat teaches Gale that there’s more than one meaning for the word ‘devour.’
Marked - Released - Rated: R - Genre: Angst/Horror - Pairing: Pyramid Head/James  - Fandom: Silent Hill - Description: James finally gets caught by Pyramid Head. Things are even worse than he’d ever imagined.
Silent Hill Ficlet - Released - Rated: R - Genre: General - Pairing: James/Harry  - Fandom: Silent Hill - Description: Harry reflects on his lifestyle choices.
Garden Maze Sex - Released - Rated: R - Genre: General - Pairing: Leon/Luis  - Fandom: Resident Evil - Description: Leon and Luis have an impromptu meeting in the garden maze.
Fashion Sense - Released - Rated: PG - Genre: General/Humor - Pairing: None [Implied Jade/Peony; Kinda]  - Fandom: Tales of the Abyss - Description: Peony has a chat with Jade about his sense of fashion, and some interesting alternatives.
Birthday Desires - Released - Rated: R - Genre: N/A - Pairing: Tseng/Rufus/Reno  - Fandom: Final Fantasy VII - Description: Rufus has something in mind for his birthday and his subordinates must fulfill the wish.
Coffin Sex - Released - Rated: R - Genre: Slight Angst/Humor - Pairing: Cid/Vincent  - Fandom: Final Fantasy VII - Description: Vincent gets taught about another use for his coffin.
The Wonders of Tea - Released - Rated: PG-13? - Genre: General/Humor - Pairing: Cid/Vincent  - Fandom: Final Fantasy VII - Description: Cid. Vincent. …And thoughts and complaints revolving around….Tea!
DoC Drabble - Released - Rated: R - Genre: N/A - Pairing: Azul/Vincent  - Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus - Description: Vincent has a run in with Azul that goes entirely wrong.
Secret Festival - Released - Rated: R - Genre: N/A - Pairing: Toya/Makoto  - Fandom: Enchanted Arms - Description: It’s Festival day in Yokohama, but Makoto has other things on his mind.

--> More Coming Soon




☀ Make Or Break ☀

Hey, everyone! So, there are a lot of people asking about my face book status about what I mean by "making Yu." So, I'm about to tell you. It's simple, really. I was going to keep it a secret until I made him, but it seems like it's taking a bit longer then I really want it to.

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♠ Fashion Sense ♠

Title: Fashion Sense
Author: Yu
Fandom: Tales of the Abyss
Pairing: Implied Jade x Peony
Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING. Tales of the Abyss, Characters, locations...they all belong to Bandai Namco Games. I just do this for fun, not for any sort of profit.
Notes: This one was especially for Strify, too!

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Yu 2

♣ Silent Hill Ficlet ♣

Title: Silent Hill Ficlet
Author: Yu
Fandom: Silent Hill
Pairing: James/Harry
Disclaimer: I do not own Silent Hill, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.
Notes: Spawned of my boredom. It's not as dirty as the stuff I usually do, not by any means. Forgive errors and what not. And nope, not interested in comments just intended to bash. Never have been, never will be.

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